Pushing Quantum Computing to the forefront of Finance

Introducing AbaQus: A hybrid quantum computing-machine learning application developed to seamlessly integrate into existing software infrastructures for fast data uploading, feature mapping and Kernel-based training for quantum enhanced forecasting.

What we offer:

AbaQus provides a single platform that harnesses the computation power of Quantum computing along with the pattern recognition capabilities of classical ML. This is used for classification and categorization of complex datasets allowing trend prediction beyond conventional machine learning techniques.


with AbaQus your data is secure and never leaves your corporation. Mapping classical datasets to quantum processors is easy to implement with no need to learn any quantum circuit coding. AbaQus is fully equipped to scrape, refine and restructure data sets from your enterprise and directly encode this onto your QPU of choice.

Not only is the AbaQus API easy to integrate and interface with existing data management architectures, it is also quantum agnostic, meaning it can be run on all main QPUs, irrespective of the quantum hardware they are built on.

AbaQus provides a single platform for data categorization tailored to financial services. This includes modeling complex correlations in areas as diverse as customer behavior pattern recognition and stock market trend prediction.

Our partners and quantum platform providers