Quantum Computing solutions for financial services


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Enabling Quantum Computing for Finance

Abaqus is building a research platform to enable financial organisations to explore, experiment and deploy quantum computing for risk management, optimization and pricing.

We look to partner with visionary financial services firms to enable them to tackle otherwise intractable computational problems. We deliver skills transfer, access to hardware, and expertise and quantum algorithm development to accelerate quantum readiness for financial services.

The next big thing in finance technology is here

Whether you see being an early mover as a competitive advantage or think that lagging in innovation is an unacceptable risk, you need to know about Quantum Computing.

How can we help

Quantum Computing is a new paradigm and navigating this cutting edge and uncertain field is a significant challenge. How can you address this and ensure you capture the potential of these future technologies? AbaQus can help.

What we offer

Guten UI Kit


We use the latest Quantum Computing machines from IBM, Google and Honeywell. Talent shortage is one of the biggest problems in the field and we have direct access to a wide range of experts in the field.

Guten UI Kit


Our team has experience and expertise in quantum computing algorithm development and financial quant algorithms.

Guten UI Kit


We aim to get your organisation ready for new advances in Quantum Computing by working with your team to build skills and ultimately working applications.

What’s next

Our focus on assessing quantum readiness strategies tailored to your unique requirements including quantum education component and developing a road map for adoption. 

We will work with your team to coordinate and implement quantum-based high performance computing strategies, ensuring your corporations readiness for the quantum revolution.

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