Pushing Quantum Computing to the forefront of Finance

Whether you see being an early mover as a competitive advantage or think that lagging in innovation is an unacceptable risk, you need to know about Quantum Computing. Quantum Computing is a new paradigm and navigating this cutting edge and uncertain field is a significant challenge. How can you address this and ensure you capture the potential of these future technologies? AbaQus can help.

What we offer

As with any emergent technology, questions around how to integrate solutions while still maintaining the flexibility to adapt to technological advancements makes adoption difficult. At Abaqus we have a three-fold focus to help you navigate this and nucleate an entry point to quantum computing:

  • Access: Our team has access to several state-of-the-art quantum processors, including IBM, Rigetti and IonQ, allowing for development of solutions across platforms and technologies.

  • Expertise: Talent shortage is the one of the biggest problems in the field and we have direct access to a wide range expertise, specifically in quantum computing algorithm development and financial quant algorithms.

  • Partnership: We aim to get your organisation ready for new advance in Quantum Computing by working with your team to build skills and ultimately working applications.

Quantum algorithms for Fintech

Financial services are likely to be one of the earliest adopters of Quantum Computing, and although many applications are currently being explored, it’s no trivial task implementing quantum solutions tailored to this industry. At Abaqus, we have in-house knowledge of the contemporary algorithms being explored for a range of financial problems, including risk analysis, optimization and Monte Carlo sampling.

Development, Engineering and agnostic performance benchmarking

The core of our research is on leveraging near term NISQ technologies and algorithms for early advantage, but maintaining a focus on how to extend solutions to tomorrow’s fault tolerant systems. Our approach is agnostic, ensuring cross platform functionality to give the widest range of flexibility when integrating solutions.

Our partners and quantum platform providers